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CBP Queries

1st Cargo Net is backed by to companies that have brought their unique services to 1st Cargo Net . Both companies are on the "Approved Vendors List" for U.S. Customs and the knowledge of transportation services spans over 35 years of hands-on experience.



A key feature of AMS is the ability for send to U. S. Customs a question (query) asking for known information.The query could be related to cargo and its status or if CBP knows something about an importer or manufacturer.



Our client include:

  • Forwarders
  • Customs Brokers
  • Trade Insurance Companies
  • Forwarding Agents

About Us

1st Cargo Net is a internet service company that provides direct query capabilities to U.S. Customs and other transportation related services. The foundation of 1st Cargo Net is the two founders, Larry Boecker and Babul Prasad and their companies.

Mr. Boecker's company, 1st Data Solutions, was based on the realization that you must know your industry before trying to adapt technology. Our founder started his career in 1978 by joining IBM as an systems engineer with a dedicated focus to support the transportation industry. After years with IBM joining a group of others forming a forwarding company based in Los Angeles.

Mr. Prasad's corganization Agami Technologies, T was founded with the belief that Equality, Transparency, and Nurturing the inherent qualities of the individual were paramount in the development of world class software. With a Mantra constructed of buildings blocks such as product integrity, outstanding customer service, exceptional return on investment, and acute attention to detail the software firm has grown exponentially from its modest beginnings. At Agami Technologies , it is not enough to make a difference but rather make THE difference.